DECKCHAIR originated in the search for the ultimate outdoor furniture piece that encapsulates style, comfort, feel and longevity against the elements. The patented (Design No. A2018/01511) assembly brackets encompasses all ergonomics for the best possible posture.

Through the backing of an 80 year old company FOLDO AWNINGS (Pty) Ltd., DECKCHAIR came to LIFE!!! We are a 3rd generation company that specializes in bringing outdoor and indoor LIFESTYLE products to you. Through the years we have built up a reputation of delivering functional and quality products.

With PASSION and VISION we always seek to manufacture new products for LIFESTYLE. We expanded our manufacturing capabilities and processes over the years to allow us to think out of the box when it comes to designing new products. All products is designed and manufacture in our factory and we only use the highest quality materials.

We manufacture standard furniture for household as well as Hotels ,B&B’s. We can also manufacture furniture to suit a location and size.

We are situated in 14 Isotope Street, Bellville, Triangle Industrial Farm. Please call us on +27 21 948 1764/5/6 or visit us to view our range.

Lifestyle In  STYLE  and  COMFORT

Lifestyle In STYLE and COMFORT